Installation Guide

Learn more about the design and installation of our below grade waterproofing membranes.

Foundation Installation Guide

Below ground structures must be designed to ensure continuous waterproofing throughout all the elements of the building’s foundation. The waterproofing of vertical and horizontal foundation elements, as well as the waterproofing of the various details and penetrations must be addressed with the same care as the structural design of the foundation to ensure long term stability of the building.

The main purpose of this Foundation Guide is to present best practice regarding the design and the installation of SOPREMA’s modified bituminous waterproofing membrane systems for below ground applications. It contains information that is relevant to all installers, designers and consultants, project managers, estimators and any other person involved in basement construction.


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Learning Objectives

Discover why it is important to focus on foundation waterproofing

Learn how to choose the right foundation waterproofing system

Target the causes of waterproofing failure

Determine the keys to success for good foundation waterproofing

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