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10 Reasons to use SOPRA-ISO insulation boards for your commercial buildings

Insulation 27 April 2022


SOPRA-ISO insulation boards offer many benefits that make it an advantageous solution when it comes to designing efficient warm roof assemblies. This article lists the 10 main benefits of using SOPRA-ISO insulation boards for your next project.


1. Superior Thermal Performance

With one of the highest R-value per mm in the industry, SOPRA-ISO has superior thermal values compared to others in the market. In simple words, SOPRA-ISO insulates better while keeping the insulation layer thin.

2. Great Dimensional Stability

When used in a roofing system, the insulation retains its original dimensions, which prevents the formation of thermal bridges that could reduce the building’s energy efficiency. In the case of wall systems, because SOPRA-ISO is rigid, it will not collapse. It also won’t deteriorate or lose its thermal performance during the building’s service life.

3. Fire Resistance

SOPRA-ISO meets the criteria of AS 1530.3 Standard and shows superior performance in fire tests.

4. Recycled Content

SOPRA-ISO utilises a proprietary process that enables the use of waste PET bottles in the product, that otherwise would have been destined for landfills or found their way into our oceans and rivers

5. Convenient Size

It is lightweight, is easy to transport and handle, and has constant thickness.

6. Compatibility

SOPRA-ISO is compatible to all other SOPREMA materials that are part of our warm roof system including PU adhesives..

7. Exceptional Service Temperature

The service temperature is between the lowest and highest temperatures that a product can stand without losing its physical characteristics. SOPRA-ISO’s service temperature is -73 to 122 °C, able to withstand low and high temperatures for short periods with no adverse effects.

8. Versatility

SOPRA-ISO can be used to insulate both roofs and walls.

9. Environmental Friendliness

SOPRA-ISO insulation boards have the DECLARE label and are LBC Red List Free, meaning they are free of the worst in class materials, chemicals and elements in the building industry.

10. Meets the Requirements of AS/NZS Building Code

SOPRA-ISO meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4859.1


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