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Spirit of innovation

Always attentive to construction industry professionals, SOPREMA is renowned as a pioneer for its new product development initiatives that meet the needs of clients and facilitate their work. The company was the first to develop automated systems for the installation of membranes, and was also the first roof waterproofing manufacturer to incorporate green roof concepts into its product line. Innovation at SOPREMA also involves active participation in the development of new industry standards.

SOPREMA’s R&D policy is strongly oriented towards sustainable development. For more than 20 years, SOPREMA has undertaken countless initiatives to limit the impact of its products and industrial activities on the environment, with a particular emphasis on renewable resources and the development of environmentally friendly products, such as SOPRANATURE and SOPRASTAR.


Over the years, SOPREMA has developed and marketed the best technologies in the industry, with the constant objective of making high-quality products.

  • SBS SOPREMA has been mastering SBS-modified bitumen technology since 1975. SBS products offer peace of mind thanks to their excellent durability and resistance to severe weather conditions. They can be installed using various application methods as well. SBS technology is also very versatile. It can be used to waterproof roofs, walls, foundations, bridges, and parking lots.
  • DUO SELVEDGE For safer installation, a wide variety of membranes are equipped with DUO SELVEDGE, a unique technology developed by SOPREMA and patented in 2004. The first centimetres of DUO SELVEDGE are self-adhesive to protect the components under the base sheet membrane from the flame. Then the rest can be safely hot-welded or sealed using hot air.
  • PMMA This range of cold-liquid-applied roofing and waterproofing membranes is based on methacrylate chemistry. PMMA offers ultra-high-performant, flexible, seamless, reinforced systems with fast curing times that can accommodate tight construction schedules.
  • PU This line of cold-liquid-applied membranes is based on polyurethane (PU) chemistry. PU offers robust, flexible, seamless systems ideal for protecting concrete structures against corrosion and traffic.
  • POLYISOCYANURATE A high-performance insulation technology (closed-cell hydrophobic foam), it has multiple applications that include roof insulation.
  • STONE WOOL A natural product, it uses recycled materials like slag and natural materials, such as basalt rock. It is very durable and possesses stable insulating values in cold climates.

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