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Insulation 8 December 2022


Circular construction is steadily gaining ground, and clients are increasingly enquiring after eco-friendly options, encouraged in part by new regulations that promote circular and sustainable materials in new build and refurbishment scenarios.

As a construction professional, you no doubt want to take your responsibility and attach great importance to the environmental impact of your projects.

SOPREMA has launched its pilot take-back scheme for SOPRA-ISO thermal insulation in an effort to work towards more circular construction.

Within our closed-loop model, products lose as little of their value as possible. This approach comes with numerous advantages:

  • less environmental pressure as fewer materials are sent to landfill,
  • a more secure supply of raw materials,
  • and more innovation, growth, and job creation.

At SOPREMA, our SOPRA-ISO thermal insulation products can be sent back in palletised form to our manufacturing facilities for reprocessing and/or reuse.

Our used products can then be transformed into packaging material or pallets re-used as part of our distribution. The returned products can also be reconstituted into special purpose thermal insulation materials used in walls and ceilings for example.

The aluminium facer can be removed from the material and melted down again for use in other applications such as beverage cans or new construction products.

If you are interested in participating in our takeback scheme after the lifetime of the product, then please contact SOPREMA at info@soprema.com.au

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